NEW LOCATION : Kolega x MNC, Kebon Sirih

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Kolega x MNC

Located in the heart of Jakarta, Kolega x MNC gives you great access to multiple strategic areas

Kolega Tokopedia Tower

Go shopping or watch a movie after being tired of working all day? You only need to walk to get to shopping centers like Lotte Shopping Avenue.

Kolega Menara Jamsostek

Work on the top floor of Jamsostek Tower and can see the view of the skyscraper because you are in the business center of South Jakarta.

Kolega X MarkPlus

As a commute generation, access your workplace easily with public transportation by Commuter Line, MRT Jakarta, and TransJakarta.

Kolega Primedge

Coworking space surrounded by skyscrapers would be a unique choice to get different ambiance than your usual office.

Kolega X ABcowork

Need more formal meeting rooms? Take a look at Kolega X ABcowork.

Kolega Senopati

Get more access to wider South Jakarta area. Hop to your lunch meeting to another dinner meeting without having to move further from the office.

Kolega Antasari

roductive day among busy arterial roads in South Jakarta. No need to worry about your access.

Kolega Kemang

One of Kolega branches in Kemang with more formal ambiance yet flexible in its way. Don’t hesitate to visit us!

Kolega X Public House

A hostel, restaurant, and coworking space in one building? Yes, please! Get all you need in a few steps.

Kolega x Arimbi

Kolega at Kemang street, suitable for a brief meeting or small regular classes with your colleagues.

Kolega Coliving

Live in coworking space or work in a resident full of collaboration spirit within a productive community? You can do both.

Kolega x AD Premier

Who doesn't know TB Simatupang road? One of a busy area with well-known businesses along the road. Communal space to work in mezzanine lobby seems unique. Have you tried?

Kolega Tebet

Welcome the sunshine through trees and restaurants from the sidewalk
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