What's Koléga?

Our Story

Starting in 2015, we see that the community needs a place to work with a different concept than the conventional one. We believe that an office environment should be flexible to increase productivity, that would snowballing the business growth. But the growing of a business is not only required physical facilities and great employees, but also a supporting platform to help your startup, community or organization grow and develop by widening your network and connections.


Our purpose is to gather and connect people that have similar interests and create a network of collaboration. We collaborate through events such as meetups, workshops and classes. From niche-industry startup discussions, creative content creator meetups, to youth talent development. We try to provide content that is relevant with today’s fast-paced innovative work culture.


Most of all, we strive to provide the ecosystem that empowers collaboration, diversity and knowledge sharing.



The Indonesian value about how to collaborate with each other and to thrive together.

Teman Sejawat 

Term to describe a work pal that is equals to each other.

Koléga Produktif 

Core program of Koléga’s community to strengthen the connection between tenants, members, organizations, and companies.

Koléga is spreading the wings throughout Indonesia. Therefore, we need high-quality people to build a business together. It is proven that teamwork is the best thing the company could have. So, we are trying to build a team for each department. We emphasize work-life balance as our daily dose of productivity, you don’t have to worry about going to work with full formal outfit and layers of coordination. Let’s join our flexible yet collaborative team!

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